50 reasons to leave your home for Colombia

Why in heavens name would you visit Colombia after what happened in the last few weeks? Especially Dutchies will think twice to celebrate their holiday in this Latin-American country after the bombing, kidnapping of a famous tv-presenter and the boat-disaster in Guatapé.

As it usually goes, only bad news makes it to the other side of the ocean. And so, Colombia had some rough weeks. There might be a peace-agreement with the FARC-rebels, but other criminal groups still give the country a lot of headaches and especially a bad name. Every time when I talk about my temporarily home-country I try to explain more about the safety situation and I try to provide some context that normally is missing in the daily news.

An important fact is that Colombia is huge. It is about thirty times as big as Holland. In by far most regions, it is safe to travel. The government is working hard to attract tourists, so you can imagine that important touristic spots are under control of police and therefor very safe. As a holiday-visitor all you want is to enjoy the nicest spots of a country, right? I really hope you don´t see yourself sipping a martini at the border of Venezuela. Unless you want a free kidnapping in Catatumbo to get rid off your husband.

Conclusion: tourists have no reason to not visit Colombia. As long as you follow the security advice, you will be fine! Here are 50 other reasons to go to this marvellous country, of which the motto is: ” The only risk is wanting to stay.”

Colombia offers you:

  1. Amazingly kind people;
  2. The most beautiful river in the world: Caño Cristales;
  3. Dancing reggaeton without shame;
  4. Back-in-time city centers, such as romantic Cartagena;
  5. White beaches with handwoven hammocks;
  6. Coconut-rice and fresh fish of the day;
  7. Encounters with indigenous that keep alive their traditions;
  8. Funny taxi-drivers who try to speak English;
  9. All day long barbecues;
  10. Airports in the tiniest villages;
  11. Teatron, the biggest gay-disco of Latin-America;
  12. Yammy chicken-soup called aijiaco;
  13. Easy getaways to the middle of nowhere;
  14. Smiles without teeth;
  15. Natural volcanic hot tubs;
  16. Best coffee farms and beans (best coffee itself gets exported);
  17. Stargazing in desierto de Tatacoa;
  18. Throwing rocks and making fireworks while playing the national sport tejo;
  19. 5-star quality snacks on the street;
  20. Hiking tracks to the end of the world;
  21. Car-free Sundays so you can bike through the city;
  22. Carlos Vives and his great vallenato-hits;
  23. Children in cute school uniforms;
  24. Tele-novelas;
  25. Manicure- and pedicure for one dollar;
  26. Dog birthday parties;
  27. Aguardiente, this alcoholic drink gets a party started;
  28. The myth of El Dorado;
  29. Salsa dancing with abuelos and abuelas;
  30. Yellow-fever when the national team plays;
  31. Drinking, dancing and driving at the same time in a chiva;
  32. Spotting pink dolphins in the Amazone;
  33. Playing chess on the street;
  34. Fried yuca that tastes like french fries;
  35. Seeing furry monkeys;
  36. Finca´s with swimming pools;
  37. Botero´s ironic art works;
  38. Picknicks at Parque Simon Bolívar;
  39. 26 Natural Parques;
  40. Breakfast with chocolate milk and cheese (yep, stir it through);
  41. Having several 000 on banknotes coming out of the ATM;
  42. Whale watching at the Pacific;
  43. Fake boobs and butts;
  44. Island-hopping by sailboat;
  45. The newest street art in La Candelaria;
  46. Miss Worlds;
  47. Doors that are always open;
  48. Donkey´s beside the roads;
  49. Cheesy opening lines;
  50. ´Indiana Jones-like´ adventures.

Let me know your reasons to go (back) to Colombia!

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