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Siempre estarás en mi corazón

A message all the way from Rotterdam, Holland. It is freezing, small boats pass by through the canal in front of our temporarily rented apartment. Mums are making phone-calls while biking their children to school. Yes, definitely back in Holland.  Since mid-2017 I find myself in a non-stopping rollercoaster, with […]


Can women travel alone through South America?

This was the question the editors of the Anthology ´Alone Together´ asked themselves. They gathered several women who experienced travelling through the Latin American continent and asked them to write down their adventures. Luckily, I am one of the writers who has been selected and my short story is now […]

50 reasons to leave your home for Colombia

Why in heavens name would you visit Colombia after what happened in the last few weeks? Especially Dutchies will think twice to celebrate their holiday in this Latin-American country after the bombing, kidnapping of a famous tv-presenter and the boat-disaster in Guatapé. As it usually goes, only bad news makes […]