Can women travel alone through South America?

This was the question the editors of the Anthology ´Alone Together´ asked themselves. They gathered several women who experienced travelling through the Latin American continent and asked them to write down their adventures. Luckily, I am one of the writers who has been selected and my short story is now published in the book!

The book contains several short memoires, poems and tales about women from all over the world who travel mostly alone through the continent that is often referred by as ´dangerous´.

” Office worker Julia defies the jeers of childhood bullies as she vows to become a cowboy in Colombia while Phebe’s worst nightmare creeps up on her in the darkest corner of the jungle. Elizabeth confronts her Cuban grandfather with the past he tried to erase, Kelly is ambushed by bandits on a midnight bus in Mexico and Rebecca must unravel the mysterious disappearance of a young woman in Argentina.” – @Amazon

Several writers have been enthusiastic about the book and have given their praise:

‘Remarkable’ – Marjorie Agosín: author of I lived on Butterfly Hill, The Light of Desire and Secrets in the Sand (The Young Women of Juárez) and winner of the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement.

‘Masterful’ – Kate McCahill: author of Patagonian Road (A Year Alone Through Latin America)

‘Gets your heart pounding’ – James Brooman: author of North to South (A Man, A Bear and a Bicycle)

Want to see it for yourself? Buy the book now at Amazon!

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