Experiences of a freelancer in Bogotá

Life of a freelancer is not always easy. You work for yourself – yes to the liberty! – which means you have to be strict to that lazy, work-avoiding part of you. The city you live in might make things better, or worse. This is how I have experienced freelancing […]




People sometimes ask me if I miss home. Home as in Holland, the country where I was born and where I lived for over 25 years. Where family and friends live. The answer is yes. I do feel homesick sometimes. Colombia is an amazing country and I feel very welcome […]

The wedding

It was dark when we drove through an un-known neighbourhood in the west of Bogotá. We were right on time, 15 minutes before the ceremony would start. On our left hand we saw the Catholic church – doors wide open. A few people were praying, but no sign of our […]