Wordcatch is the name behind my work as a freelance journalist in Colombia. I probably should have started off as ´Phebe Tempelaars productions´, but I am a bit stubborn, as befits a journalist. To stand out in the jungle of freelance journalists, I thought a creative name for my one-women enterprise would be helpful.

I established Wordcatch in The Netherlands, in 2014. Back then I worked for the Dutch national newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, the general Dutch Press Center Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau and several companies for which I wrote blogs and informative texts.

Nowadays news and background stories are leading in my work. I try to catch the hard news, but due to the fast internet and press agencies, I especially focus on background/human interest stories. Main interests are social- and economic topics. So far, I published in AD, the Dutch online magazine Oneworld.nl and Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad.

I´m a member of the NVJ (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Journalisten).

Some examples of published work:

Stadsgids Bogotá

Stadsgids Bogotá – uitgever Odyssee Reisgidsen
Jan BestebreurtjeAlgemeen Dagblad – sectie Economie – 25 februari 2017



Winka_DubbeldamAlgemeen Dagblad – sectie Economie – 7 december 2016
Phebe - PZC
Algemeen Dagblad and PZC – 27 september 2016





NRC Handelsblad/NRC Next – 20 januari 2016



Bijlage AD Museum Rotterdam ´40-´45 NU – mei 2016

012_ADV1QU_20141108_ADN51_00_orig (1) 013_DCV1QU_20141108_ADN04_00_orig

Bijlage AD Wereldhaven – 6 november 2014
Fotocredits: Marco de Swart